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Lil’ doodle of my favourite capitalist.

Dude, I want your outfits. All of them.

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i think the sisko is something we can all believe in


my mother on easter morning (via deepspacequeer)

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The way Worf doesn’t really talk about the events of DS9 in the TNG movies has always been confusing from a Watsonian perspective (obviously the Doylist reason is ~continuity lockout~). But just imagine it:

"Oh by the way, I got married. No, you can’t meet her, she’s dead actually."

"Yeah, I was in a Jem’hedar prison camp. I’ve been fighting on the front lines. You know, for the war you people an inexplicably not involved in."

"Deanna, did I ever tell you about the time my friend Odo married your mom."

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Maj. Kira Nerys

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Doodles of Julian, the sassy pajama man, being so done with Section 31 and Sloan I tell you what

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I’ve gotten letters from women who have said that Kira means a lot to them because they themselves never felt like they could reach their feelings. Through Kira they’ve said to themselves, ‘It’s OK to have feelings, to express them’ or ‘It’s OK to cry, to feel anger.’

We always think it’s the men in society who have trouble expressing themselves, but through the letters I’m realizing there are many women who feel that way, too. I never expected to get into areas like this through a role I play. So, I’m incredibly gratified that women can learn about themselves through Kira. Frankly, I’m learning through Kira as well.

Nana Visitor in “Major Player” by Ian Spelling in Starlog, February 1994

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Dax is such a sekrit fangirl. But she only ever writes PWP.

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[I understand that the Cardassians are viewed as monsters due to occupying Bajor, but it only makes sense. Their world is devoid of resources, their surrounding worlds are also devoid of resources, they either have to make something magically trade for things they need, or they need to take over planets.]

I’ve never disagreed with a confession more than this one. I seriously almost deleted it so many times in the queue. I just find it so wrong headed. There is no justification for the occupation. None.

Wow. That is a massively naive overreaction. Massive both in naïveté and overreaction. While the cardassians method of occupation is excessive, probably in the extreme, they are not some sort of magical space nazis. Moreover, considering Keira, it is worth wondering how much of the harshness of the occupation was a response to the bajorans terrorism. The cardassians were faced with a difficult choice given their poor world. Fascism is not a surprising response to that situation and to suggest that they are inexcusable monsters is to perpetuate the Nazi myth.

ok wow there’s a helluva lot wrong with this argument. the wiser part of me is like “why should i care about somebody’s poorly-logic’d star trek internet opinion” but the other part is like “fuck me, this is such a bad opinion and my sunday’s been slow. time to drink some wine, caress my useless history major, and get pedantic about science fiction on somebody’s ass”

you can find everything i cite in episodes linked through the memory alpha article on cardassians, starting with the most obviously flawed bit: "Not Some Sort of Magical Space Nazis."

A). “duet” was explicitly based on a play about nazi war crimes in a concentration camp and the nuremberg trials. other episodes establish that cardassians used bajorans for brutal slave labor, in camps and elsewhere. B). the totalitarian cardassian state was formed as a response to resource shortages, giving the military the public support necessary to take total control. this is extremely similar to the rise of the nazi party in the weimar republic. C). these same resource shortages were used as an excuse in the invasion and suppression of poland, just as cardassians use shortages to justify their expansion and the brutal treatment of the bajoran people (including salting the earth after they left so that crops would be ungrowable). Ten million Bajorans were killed.

D). cardassian ideology is explicitly racist. a word-for-word quote from dukat brings it home that you don’t have a leg to stand on here: “From the moment we arrived on Bajor, it was clear that we were the superior race. But they couldn’t accept that. They wanted to be treated as equals, when they most certainly were not. Militarily, technologically, culturally – we were almost a century ahead of them in every way! We did not choose to be the superior race, fate handed us our role. And it would’ve been so much easier on everyone if the Bajorans had simply accepted their role."  (x

the phrase “superior race” is a direct callback to nazi ideology. and that’s graciously leaving out all of dukat’s unhinged “I HATED THEM ALLLLL” rambling.

next: "the bajorans were responsible for their own oppression because they resisted"

you have cause and effect mixed up here and it’s not a good look on you (or any of the dictators through history that used this excuse). this argument was used by colonial powers to justify suppression in africa, india, latin america, and a shit ton more. in terms of internal resistance, you can just look at governmental responses to the arab spring

and then: "fascism is not a surprising response and therefore they’re not behaving monstrously"


i don’t even know what “perpetuate the nazi myth” is supposed to mean and i get the feeling it doesn’t matter. if you think that fascists have to be nazis in order to commit atrocities you are not paying attention

(also: granted this solution isn’t really portrayed in-universe, but the federation has explicit humanitarian aims and, if i recall correctly, has provided replicators for starving populations. “their only choice was to starve or commit genocide” doesn’t even make sense in context.)


look, please let me know if you’re a high school kid who just took their first polisci class because i don’t want to pick on a high school kid who just took their first polisci class. but if you’re gonna start in with “you are naive to think that fascism is monstrous” then you should at least know enough context to understand who the hell you are siding with

science fiction is allegory, friends.

"Have you ever had a moment of pure clarity? A moment when the truth seemed to leap up and grab you by the throat?"

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Today in “buddy cop movies I had no idea I needed”.

I have absolutely no idea who is the good cop and who is the bad cop from this picture.

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So L’Epée have created a Deep Space Nine clock and I need it more than I have needed anything to ever exist.

And it’s only £19,000.

*Sisko voice* IT’S A CLOCK

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the tiles i drew for the ds9 2048 game. my wrist is killing me for this

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