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His skin tone is like half a shade lighter in real life. 

Like?? I never thought of Martok as brown, even.
I’d agree with you maybe if he was as dark as, say, Worf, but Martok is really light.

dude okay let’s just pretend for a second martok’s make up doesn’t make him brown at all.




like if not martok then what about gowron? 

is that not a white man made brown with make up?

I wish we talked about this more often. I absolutely love JG Hertzler as Martok, but surely there was no need to put him in brown face. It was a huge problem of the 60s trek that all the Klingons were in brownface, surely we didn’t need to perpetuate that into the 90s. They could have cast a person of colour as Martok or even just decided that Klingons had greater racial diversity than theuy’d been given in the sisties. They’d already changed the make-up to add the ridges, so why not that?

Nowhere is the problem of brownface and the Klingons more evident than in Apocalypse Rising, the opening episode of season 5 of of DS9. I  love this episode mostly because Avery Brooks is having a huge amount of fun and his enjoyment is infectious, but I am deeply uncomfortable with Colm Meaney and Rene Auberjonois in brownface. I can only imagine how Avery Brooks and Michael Dorn felt.

We need to talk about this more and ensure that for casting Klingons in the future either people of colour are hired, or we acknowledge greater racial diversity in the Klingons. I hope its mostly the former.

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he’s smooching everything. geordi is crying

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Deanna Troi #9


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He just sits his ass down on all those buttons that could or could not be firing lasers into space

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Anonymous said:

Beverly Crusher in #9?

This was neat. Thank you for the suggestion, nonny! ^^

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You’re just an android. You can’t feel anything, can you?

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my two favorite Star Trek characters. I always wished they would meet but Data had a scene with Bashir instead. >:\ I wanted to see Quark try to sell Data or something.

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  June 16, 2014 at 10:06am
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Season 2 - Episode 17 “Samaritan Snare”

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Someone set a bunch of those videos where Star Trek is stabilized to “Turn Down For What” and here it is. (:48 is magical.)

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If there’s anything I wanted to do more of, it was developing the characters of Crusher and Troi because I thought they were underused and would like to flesh them out and make them more rounded and interesting people. There is a very small way in which I sometimes remind people about the role of women and sometimes they remind me. I’m not saying that this was a staff of men and I had to come in and show them the way, but maybe it was something a little more in the foreground with me than with some of the others.

Jeri Taylor on joining TNG as a supervising producer in Season 4, quoted in Captains’ Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages by Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross, 1995. (via trekkiefeminist)

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I approve of this


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A Netflix app is glitching and creating weird new films we wish were real

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More and more when you see the fans it makes sense, like I had somebody—it started sort of normally: “I just wanted to thank you, it was very important… When I went to my first foster home, we went to the living room they turned on their TV, and your face was on the screen, and we all sat and watched that show.” He said, “I think you just became my mother-figure, you became sort of this voice of reason.” Then we were talking and I thought isn’t that interesting and then he said, “and you know, through all 12 foster homes.” And I was like [visibly taken aback] — from all 12 foster homes you were the constant because your show was on the air, and you were the constant in my life. You take what you can get, and if you get constancy from watching a figure on television, and that’s going to help you survive—that’s great.

— Gates McFadden, on

why Star Trek gives people hope [x]

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