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Things Odo should have done in DS9.

Don’t take this too seriously. It’s just a bit of fun!

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His skin tone is like half a shade lighter in real life. 

Like?? I never thought of Martok as brown, even.
I’d agree with you maybe if he was as dark as, say, Worf, but Martok is really light.

dude okay let’s just pretend for a second martok’s make up doesn’t make him brown at all.




like if not martok then what about gowron? 

is that not a white man made brown with make up?

I wish we talked about this more often. I absolutely love JG Hertzler as Martok, but surely there was no need to put him in brown face. It was a huge problem of the 60s trek that all the Klingons were in brownface, surely we didn’t need to perpetuate that into the 90s. They could have cast a person of colour as Martok or even just decided that Klingons had greater racial diversity than theuy’d been given in the sisties. They’d already changed the make-up to add the ridges, so why not that?

Nowhere is the problem of brownface and the Klingons more evident than in Apocalypse Rising, the opening episode of season 5 of of DS9. I  love this episode mostly because Avery Brooks is having a huge amount of fun and his enjoyment is infectious, but I am deeply uncomfortable with Colm Meaney and Rene Auberjonois in brownface. I can only imagine how Avery Brooks and Michael Dorn felt.

We need to talk about this more and ensure that for casting Klingons in the future either people of colour are hired, or we acknowledge greater racial diversity in the Klingons. I hope its mostly the former.

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In light of those last couple of posts about Kira and the truth, I think the moment between her and Sisko in Starship Down is really significant, where he’s lying there injured and maybe about to die and Kira’s freaking out and doesn’t know what to say and he says “Tell me a story”

Because what he’s really saying there is “Kira, bullshit me for five fucking minutes, for the love of Space Christ”.

Cause like right before that he mentions that all the two of them ever talk about is work, and I know Kira thinks that’s cause of him being the Emissary, but really in all likelihood it’s cause, y’know… it’s fuckin’ hard to deal with someone being straight up 100% real all the fucking time, ordinary people have a hard time dealing with that shit.

Like no wonder he’d never taken her to a baseball game before because he’d take her out to the holosuite for a game and be talking about what a great run it was and she’d be like “yeah but you know none of this shit is real and all these people died hundreds of years ago and I’m tortured by the memories of the horrifying occupation of my planet by spaceNazis” and Sisko would just be like “oh Kira for fuck’s sake”

But Sisko asks Kira to bullshit him, and she does, and she actually gets the idea that maybe it’s okay to just sort of bullshit around a little bit, once in a while. And Sisko is like, all right, maybe I can take this crazy bitch to watch some baseball.

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my top 10 favorite ds9 characters

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I really really love Quark for the some of the same reasons I love Garak because he’s the most self serving but still somehow charming main character and it’s so refreshing in Star Trek.

But we really should talk about him in his Hawaiian-esque shirt in the episode where he went to Risa because omg.

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The Sweater Book - Stephen Mosher (x)

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Just a couple of busts doodled while watching DS9. Some of them were easier than the others (Garak, I love you but you’re hard to draw) but all the same, have some lovely space babies~  

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 Kira in #72 for anon

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he’s smooching everything. geordi is crying

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