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this episode, to me, did such a fantastic job handling the topic of depression and mental illness. the writers thankfully avoided what i’m sure was a very present temptation to make Vincent’s infamous depression the sole product of some aliens and misunderstanding. his ability to see the monster, when nobody else could, might have been used to explain away his entire mental state - look, see, he wasn’t really crazy! but instead, they showed him as he was: a genius crippled by depression, a very gifted man who was also very troubled and very ill. it was so striking and moving and important for me to see that they chose not to alter his story as it really was, to have no new paintings, to have Vincent’s life still end in suicide - not for the sake of an unaltered history, but because it showed that Amy and The Doctor added tremendously to his pile of good things, that they brought some love and light into his life and even showed him how well-remembered he would be, and that, tragically, that was not enough. it could never be enough. because depression is a disease, and Vincent never received the help that he needed. i’m so glad that the writers chose to treat Van Gogh with the respect he deserves, and to treat his mental illness as a very real tragedy. 

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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1887.

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Kickass Cosplay of the Day: Vincent van Gogh visits Mardi Gras.


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